Frequently Asked Questions

Start to SELL…

Who is

We are the experienced partner to take your products to customers all over India with support of ecommerce. We have sale points that give each seller an equal opportunity to grow their business online.

Who are all our seller?

Are you interested to take your business globally with new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have:

  • GSTIN Number & Proof
  • Pan Card with Business type details
  • Banking Details , Cancelled Cheque & Address Proof

Procedure to sell in

  1. Proper Registration Completion at seller
  2. Products categorization in respected categories.
  3. On receiving an order, required to fulfill the order with proper packing and mark your status periodically. Want to place the Shipping label in the top of each box, which allocated by us.
  4. will process your payment within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier. This process will take after your order was delivered successfully.

Courier Support from Atozeshop? will handle shipping process, seller need to pack the product in ready to dispatch conditions. Logistics team will collect the product from you and deliver it to the customer.

Product Pricing will be fixed by Seller?

Yes, as a seller your product price will set by you. Commission & Other charge details will share you our support team will help out for update.

Listing on Product with is chargeable? will not charge for product listing is absolutely free. We are collecting only partly business commission for what you sell.

Payment cycle for sellers on

Payment is process through NEFT transactions. will settle your payments within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier.

How to start Selling with

You need to submit required documents & once it been verified our vendor management team will confirm you, you can start listing your products and start selling.

How many listings are required to start selling?

We expecting minimum of 2 listings (unique products) to start selling on

Pricing Details

What are the fees charged?

Mentioned charges are made from the Product value:

  • A small percentage of commission fees will collected from order item based on value of the product & category.
  • Shipping Calculation on the basis of the product weight or volumetric weight and shipping location
  • Payment collection fees may vary based on product value and customer payment type(Prepaid/Cash on Delivery)

What is Commission fee and how much commission is charged?

Commission fee is a small percentage of the order item value of your product. It may vary depends on categories and sub-categories.

Sample Calculation Details

Order Value – Commission Fees  – Collection Fee – GST for the product = Seller Get Paid

Details Sample Price
Order Value 500
Commission Fee  12.5% 62.5
Collection Fee <=Rs.2000  Paid Order  15
Shipping Fee <=0.500kg 63
GST for the product 5% 25
Seller Get Paid * 334.5

The above shown are the sample price for Shirt

Pricing & Fee

Commission Fee + Collection Fee + Shipping Fee  + GST will have only Easy shipping process, where you can pack your products and make it ready for shipment our logistic partner will fulfil the order to your customer. Fee structure:

  • Commission Fee
  • Collection Fee
  • Shipping Fee

Commission Fee :

We starting with 3% of commission it will vary in the basis of product & categories.
Find your product category from the list below.

Listing Details

How to listing your products?

Product Listing will mark to filling out all the necessary information and adding images of the product as mentioned size & file type, so that a product will get good presentation in listing categories it will make a customer for buying decision.

You are required to have a minimum of 2 listings to start selling on

Image Size

Details Width  Height
Pixels 700 800
cm 5.927 6.773
inches 2.333 2.667
Resolution 96

We required product images in white background to make it valuable presence for your    products. 

We Preferred images in the white background and with jpeg format

Procedure for List your products on

We share you a step-by-step process of list your products on our website. Selecting suitable category to list your product is most important it will help customers find your products faster. Depends on the category, you’ll be asked to include product details such as size, model, color, etc.

You can get help for the development of the catalog (product images, description, etc.)? customer care team will help you at all the aspect as a well wisher doing business with us. They help you to connect with expert’s team for the development of your catalogs, our partners who engaged with us will help you out to make proper catalog, where you can get quality image & most valuable sort content developed especially for your product at reasonable cost.

Catalog develop team will support with high-quality photographs of your products and most valuable sort descriptions for your product catalog. Product Catalog will make your product more valuable to understand the product standard and it will make high preference of sales.

Product price Methods & Manage Orders?

When pricing products, please account for the applicable Marketplace Fee and include a suitable margin to arrive at the Selling Price. For More support please contact your vendor manager

Our seller dashboard, will make it really simple for you to manage your orders. Whenever a customer places an order, we will send you an e-mail alert. You need to pack the order and keep it ready for dispatch within the time frame provided by you and inform us through the seller portal. This will alert our logistics partner to pick up the product from you.

Does provide packaging material?

We have a network base best packaging material providers in the industry. We can connect you with them to get good quality packaging material which impresses the customers and ensures your products remain undamaged.